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Highpoly Face Sculpt for Bun, Cat, Lizard, Elf, Human Mid ♡ (bunny f3 base)

♡ makeup, custom UV mapped eyelashes and eyebrows, iris texture

two different makeups: pink and red

Elys Face Marking: a star-shaped facepaint

♡ teeth are RunaNoms only

♡ beauty marks as toggles (facial features) at the aesthetician (check mod description in penumbra/textools!)

Lizard: Three body scales option for Bibo+ and T&F Gen3: scaleless, b&w scales and vanilla scales.

You can select pink (default) makeup or red makeup and the type of face scales you want. You can also check options in the modpack to turn horns and/or tails invisible & .psd to change viera makeups to raen skintone

Human & Elf: Vanilla Ears are highpoly and you can turn them invisible by checking the "Hide" option in the modpack.

Cat: Inner ear flaps are a toggle at the aesthetician, clan mark textures and transparent .png's

♡ optional modpack for black undyeable eyebrows

Pleiades Ears are a Mod from Birb and not included.

#RunaSweets if you'd like to share your screenshots on twitter ♡

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Credits: Thanks to Yuria & Vermillion for the scales resource, Mallow for face scales, Praline for the Clan Mark Textures


✧ edits are completely OK, doesn't matter if 3d edit or texture edit, have fun with your purchase! if you commission someone for edits they need to own a copy of the sculpt OR you send them the stripped version of Elys in the "makeup commissions" folder

✧ do not share the sculpt with anyone else, please redirect people to my shop, thank you for understanding ♡

✧ ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products once they’re downloaded, purchases are not eligible for return or exchange. By purchasing my products you agree to my Terms of Use and any chargebacks will result in a permanent ban from my business.

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