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Dawntrail Updates

Dawntrail is coming soon and I'm eagerly awaiting to get my hands on the 3d models - I've talked about it a bit on twitter but my hesitation to talk about the upcoming mod changes led a few people to believe that your purchase would become obsolete once Dawntrail is out.

This is absolutely not my intention.

I have reworked multiple of my sculpts and it was always a free update, some sculpts even got reworked twice.

Please understand that I need to be careful with my words, I don't want to promise things that I might not be able to keep - I consider it difficult to estimate my new workflow without actually having the 3d files.

There's also sculpts that were supposed to get a rework soon (like Linaria) and I think with my current skills I can make them a lot better.

No matter what happens, if you purchased a sculpt from my shop you WILL get a working dawntrail sculpt in return.

If I decide to retire a sculpt and NOT rework it for 7.0 I will replace the download with a working dawntrail sculpt.

(Currently I don't have any plans to retire a sculpt but I want to keep that option)

Thank you for understanding ♥